Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hadeel Hassan Law Firm

Doing business in Iraq - Law firms:

raq is the new Middle East destination for business and investment, with Iraq's security improving, it is time to do business here, the most important thing is to find a qualified law firm to guide you on how to navigate Iraqi laws, incorporate, and start your business. Your challenges and opportunities can't wait for your law firm to catch up. You need a firm that is based in Iraq, with qualified lawyers, ready to work in concert with you delivering focused, responsive and personalized service.

At Hadeel Hassan Law Firm we leverage the talents and resources of our entire firm to deliver effective advocacy and comprehensive, integrated solutions in virtually all areas of the law across Iraq. Our infrastructure, along with our collaborative approach, enables our clients to benefit fully from the size of our team, the depth of our experience and our extensive geographic footprint. Having offices inside Iraq in Baghdad, Basrah & Erbil enables us serving our clients’ needs all over Iraq.

Due to the fact that our firm is a local Iraqi firm that used to operate and still operating in Iraq, with qualified staff of Iraqi lawyers whom had exercising legal works through the past difficult period, accompanying the changing laws and the way those laws were implemented by competent authorities in Iraq, we did gain a unique experience that not many law firms can compete us with, we also managed to build strong links with competent authorities in Iraq based on mutual respect and high understanding to each party’s needs at the current critical time of Iraq’s investment life, bearing in mind that no international law firms are legally registered in Iraq.

Also, and as an Iraqi law firm working for foreign companies for years now and supported by well-known international law firms, we are knowledgeable with foreign companies' needs with the type of services from one side and our services compliance with the Integrity and transparency International standards and laws from the other side.

We understand the dimensions of our clients’ legal needs today because we vigilantly and proactively study current laws, regulations, issues and trends and their impact on our clients’ interests. We know our business thoroughly to better serve our clients.

Our Commitment:
As an Iraqi law firm supported by well-known international law firms and to better serve our clients, we have associated offices located throughout the UK, UAE, Lebanon, Jordan and soon the USA. In addition, when necessary, we call upon our network of national and foreign correspondent counsel. Our highly qualified team is led by internationally respected and experienced lawyers in practice areas such oil & gas, construction, communication, environment and energy. We are also well positioned to deal with complex matters concerning Tax, Customs, Transportation Logistics and Cargo, Employment, Corporate, Securities matters, Commercial and Civil Litigation. Our commitment to the Iraqi laws is demonstrated by our involvement in the law amendments and by our participation and service on the boards of law organizations, industry groups, seminars, conferences, bar associations.


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