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Islamic State Terror in Australia

Australia Islamic State Terror threat

As Australians woke up to the news of abductions and beheadings, Australian Assyrians feel that they are now facing the terror on two fronts; on our shores and in our homelands. A Demand For Action applauds the AFP and ASIO, as well as NSW police for detecting such terror plots and putting an end to it. We are sleeping with the enemy, because the same people who have beheaded, raped and killed the innocent civilians in Iraq and Syria, are now calling themselves proud Australian citizens, sneaking and plotting under our very own eyes. These may be ‘plots’ in Australia, but they are a reality in Iraq and Syria. For this reason and for months now, the Australian branch of A Demand For Action has been rallying in both Sydney and Melbourne, with joint rallies held on 2 August 2014. Federal and State MP’s from both sides of the spectrum were present, and gave powerful and moving speeches. However, we are all enraged that all over the world, these atrocious crimes by the Islamic State have not been widely reported and discussed in greater length on mainstream media. There is genocide in progress and it is being ignored.

However, seeing this break-out in Australia is not surprising to us. We need recognize that this has become a magnet for disaffected, alienated & angry extremists everywhere, and the more successful they are in the Middle East, the more we can expect events like this. A man named Abu-Adil, a Syrian IS solider, warned us. He warned Nuri Kino, (the founder of A Demand For Action) that the Islamic State would not stop until they have infiltrated the west. Now is the time for the Australian parties, to put aside political agendas and act united to defeat the national security threat of the Islamic State. We are the first country to begin raids and make arrests, while this is great news for us, the rest must follow suit. Let Australia lead by example and stand fiercely in the face of evil. For a decade now, brutal atrocities like these have taken place against minorities. On many occasions, our founder Nuri Kino has documented, reported, testified, and most of all warned of further violence, and as the United Nations has stipulated, of crimes against humanity.

We are Assyrians, a heritage that also includes Chaldeans and Syriacs. We are the descendants of the ancient peoples who gave the world civilization and a culture over 7000 years old. Our people have retained the language of our ancestors, a fusion of Akkadian and Aramaic, the mother tongue of Jesus Christ. Civilization today, however, has failed to protect us. Civilization today, has failed to preserve us. Our people are at risk of extinction. More of us now live in Diaspora than we do in our ancestral lands. Our entire existence rests in your hands.

A Demand For Action Assyrian Iraqis

It only took a couple of days for Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city to be emptied of all non-Sunni Muslims. And in weeks 400 000 people were displaced from the Nineveh Plains. A Demand For Action has followed every step of this tragedy. Can you imagine the full effects if a city like Melbourne was to be caught in the middle of such tragedy? The week after the invasion of Mosul, that is when “A Demand For Action” was founded. A grassroots movement that now operates in over 4 continents and 19 countries. Our branches have echoed our demands in rallies, TV debates, radio interviews and social media efforts. Every day, politicians and journalists have received information about the genocide in Iraq and Syria, with the same grotesque atrocities occurring in all pockets under the control of Islamic Fundamentalists. Our demands are simple; we want a safe haven established, we want military resources to be given to minorities, and we want non-stop humanitarian aid. Whilst we have a capable ASIO and federal police system detecting terror plots, the Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriacs and other minorities in Iraq don’t have anything of this nature.

We are now at the point where the Islamic State has been formed and Caliphate built; a threat to the whole world. We have been trying to make our Australian government understand this plague and this threat. The Islamic State is here, in Australia, waving its dark and evil flag in front of Churches and ready to attack. The world cannot silently look on as more sons and fathers are decapitated in front of cameras and publicized in social media outlets. These devastating and brutal acts have no place in modern times.

Diana Yaqco
A Demand For Action – Australia

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